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Tech Innovations Used in Massage Therapies

Back in the days, you had to see a therapist if you wanted a massage that would help you alleviate pain in your body and achieve a state of relaxation. Nowadays, you can enjoy the soothing effect of a massage anywhere you want thanks to the latest tech innovations used in massage therapies.

Acupressure sensors

Many massage chairs available nowadays boast an innovative technology that implies scanning the body using various sensors located at key points in your body. These sensors detect the pressure points that cause pain and discomfort and allow the massage chair to apply a targeted massage that will release the pressure and alleviate pain in those areas. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair uses infrared technology to detect problematic spots in your body so it will know where to apply the highest pressure.
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Airbags and rollers

In order to mimic the movements of a professional masseur to perfection, manufacturers have equipped their massage chairs with massage airbags and rollers that move simultaneously or separately. Their movements can be adjusted to the needs of each user, depending how hard or slow they want the massage to feel. Special technologies operate the airbags and rollers to create a certain pattern that will target each area of your body, from head to toe. The massage chair presented above, the Inada Sogno, boasts an amazing 100 massage airbags that offer the most intense massage you could dream of.
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Wearable back massagers

The main reason why people resort to a massage is their back pain and this is what makes this device so practical. For those who don’t have enough time to go to a massage session, the wearable back massager has been invented to accompany you anywhere you go. The VertaBrate massage device can be worn as you walk or work so you won’t have to stop your activities in order to get a massage. You need to wear the device as a vest that clings to your spine and targets key muscles so it will know which one to massage. You will soon forget about back pain with this great innovative device.
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Hydrotherapy massage

The relaxation feeling of water massage has been combined with the soothing effect of watching fish swim in a high-tech device called HydroGlass. This consists of a massage table with an aquarium underneath and seven Vichy shower heads above. While the shower heads apply water jets to massage your body, the aquarium offers you a peaceful effect due to the swimming fish and the relaxing sounds it makes. The water jets apply a soft pressure to your body to encourage the blood circulation into the muscles so the pressure and pain will be relieved.

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