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Most Useful Wearable Technologies

When we talk about wearable devices we refer to electronic gadgets that can be worn by the consumer. This kind of technology uses innovative ways to attract more and more people into wearing them and enjoying their unique features. All great companies struggle to design wearable devices that are more than just a gadget for people around the world. Although this technology has advanced very fast down the years, there is still a long way for this industry because the future will bring us many interesting concepts. Therefore, if you love wearable gadgets and want to know which are the most useful ones, read the article below and learn more.

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Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracker is designed to track the motion of the person who wears it. Most of them can be warped around the wrist, but they can also come as clips that can be attached to any piece of cloth, or they can just be worn around the neck. This gadget is very useful for people who want to monitor their fitness activity because it measures the frequency, duration, acceleration, intensity and patterns of the movement. Moreover, it can monitor the calories burned, the heart rated and the quality of the sleep.

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Google Glass

Google Glass looks like a pair of rimless glasses that is mainly a wearable computer. They have the ability to record videos, take photos, get directions, access information and so on. Google Glass functions through voice commands so whenever you want the device to do something, you just have to say it and the information appears above your eyes. Therefore, instead of using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can simply wear the Google Glass and access all the data you need.

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Smart Shirt

This kind of smart shirt monitors the vital stats of the wearer and it can be worn under normal clothing or at the gym. The main purpose of this gadget is to track the heart rate, temperature, activity and posture and respiration rate. They are perfect for anyone who wants to monitor their fitness activity and to enjoy the innovative concepts of the modern technology. Moreover, the shirt is washable and is totally safe for the skin.

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