Features which Determine the Performance of a Radar Detector

It’s easy to understand why radar detectors are so popular among drivers. These devices help people stay away from getting speeding tickets by announcing them of the presence of traffic radars used by the police. If you drive a lot, you have certainly considered investing in such a device to help you stay safe from the law. In the following lines, we will tell you which are the features which determine the performance of a radar detector. Before you choose a certain model, we recommend that you read about these features to make sure you’re spending your money on a quality radar detector.
Features which Determine the Performance of a Radar Detector Picture


The range of the radar detector is by far the most important feature because it sets the distance at which the device will actually detect the presence of the traffic radar. The earlier you know about the presence of a traffic radar, the better because you will have enough time to slow down and avoid getting a fine. To make sure that the model you buy is actually of a superior quality, make sure that it warns you that there is a radar ahead within a 1-mile range when you’re on the open road. When it comes to urban areas, the radar detector should warn you of the radar’s presence within a 0.25-mile range.

Auto-learn function

The auto-learn function increases the performance of the radar detector by preventing it from giving you false alarms. If the model in which you invest has the auto-learn function, it will sense false triggers and mark the locations of these triggers to know and dismiss them in the future. In order to classify a location as a false trigger, most radar detector will have to pass by it 3 times.

Digital POP radar alert

The police have introduced the POP modes into radar guns for some time. POP modes give the radar guns the ability to send short signals that are very hard to detect by radar detectors. This is the reason why it’s important for the radar detector that you use to feature digital POP radar alert. Otherwise, you will surely be caught by the police when you speed because the device won’t be able to track the radar gun.

GPS navigation

Another feature that greatly increases the performance of the radar detector is GPS navigation. With this feature, the radar detector will warn you when you’re approaching a red light, a fixed speed camera, and other known speed traps. Therefore, the GPS navigation feature will make you more aware of your surroundings and it will decrease your chances of getting caught off-guard when you’re behind the wheel.

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